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Anodot Review

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  • Identify business incidents in real time
  • Unified & scalable platform
  • AI-based anomaly detection for pros
  • Process large data from multiple sources
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  • author: Jason Catwright
  • 03.12.18
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Anodot is a real-time, cloud-based analytics solution best known for its automated anomaly detection feature. The company is small but the tool harnesses the powers of patented AI and machine learning algorithms to process large amounts of data, which can lead to the generation of actionable insights.

Plans and Pricing

Anodot’s pricing information is only available on request; however, they offer free demos before you make a purchase. On average, depending on the amount of tracked metrics, Anodot charges its customers between $3,000 and $10,000 every month for its product.

Features & Functionality

Anodot targets companies from the following 5 domains: Ad tech, IoT, e-commerce or web business, media and fin-tech. The analytics software comes with the following great features (among others)

Automatic detection of anomalies

Anodot uses its patented algorithms to work on large sets of data (from multiple sources) to flag any present anomalies. It also assigns a significance score to them, generates an automated analysis report of how important the anomaly could be, and the time for which it can stay effective.

Automated behavioral grouping and correlation

It’s possible that in certain scenarios, an anomaly on its own might not be able to do any damage but when complemented by another anomaly (or anomalies), it starts wreaking havoc. Anodot helps you prevent this situation as well by grouping and correlating various anomalies and bringing you real-time, actionable insight instead of throwing an alert storm at you. No special configuration is required to achieve this intelligent grouping.

Aesthetically pleasing visualizations

Anodot also comes with beautiful visualization features. You can display one-click charts as spline, area, columns and lines with stacking options. Grouping charts and importing them into dashboards for efficient viewing is also possible.


When it comes to data, Anodot has an “open mind”. Whether you use Graphite or StatsD or Coda Hale Metrics (the list goes on) to store your metrics, Anodot can integrate seamlessly with them and generate anomaly alerts (among other insights) for you in real-time.

Actionable alerts

Alerts on Anodot are very intelligent and very valuable. If there are 3 different anomalies that are found by Anodot, but all of them are related to each other, then you will get a single alert for all of them that signifies the relation between them. With every alert, you get an “investigate” button and a single click takes you to the section on the application interface where you can take further action.

Reporting and Integrations

Anodot allows you to generate charts and reports that can be imported on a customizable dashboard. The charts can be grouped and customized to a certain degree. It integrates seamlessly with the following applications: Amazon Web Services, Elasticsearch, Splunk, Salesforce, Mixpanel Graphite, MySQL, logstash, and StatsD etc.

Ease of Use

Anodot has a simplistic design and a beautiful interface which makes finding anomalies a really easy task. Switching between different sections is seamless and easy to get the hang of. However, if you haven’t tried a data analytics tool before then you will feel a learning curve in the beginning. The “alert” window displays all the necessary information and takes you to the critical vantage point with just one click. Overall, familiarization can be built within a few hours of work with Anodot.

Pros & Cons

  • Can process large amounts of data from multiple sources.
  • Automated anomaly detection.
  • High usability.
  • No default pricing plans.

Customer Support

Anodot offers a support center with a number of guides on getting started, integrations, FAQs, and more. You can also submit a ticket online for additional, personalized support.

  • Phone Support
    Anodot can be reached by phone.
  • Email
    Anodot offers email support by submitting a ticket.
  • Video Tutorials
    Video tutorials are available.
  • FAQ
    Yes, a FAQ section is available.

Final Word

Anodot is not a business intelligence tool per se, but it offers some excellent analytics features along with automated anomaly detection using patented machine learning algorithms. It doesn’t have any default pricing plans and the product’s price can be a little too steep for some businesses, but it is still considered a great value for money by most of its customers.

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Jason Catwright

Jason Cartwright has been immersed in the world of business intelligence and analytics for many years. He advises many entrepreneur and SMBs in business intelligence, and helps implement new systems. Jason believes that the most successful businesses are those that are data-driven.

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